Terms and Conditions

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CreativeBuild is an online rental service for LEGO® sets. We run the Australian LEGO® Rental Club. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this site, and has no connection whatsoever with CreativeBuild.

By registering with this website, you are agreeing to become a Member (“Member”) of the CreativeBuild Club and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. CreativeBuild reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

All LEGO® sets offered for rent to Members as part of the CreativeBuild service are entirely owned by CreativeBuild.

Payment and Pricing

The Member is required to subscribe to a membership plan in order to use the CreativeBuild rental services. Subscriptions are recurring and payable monthly via credit cards or paypal. 

CreativeBuild reserve the right to change the price of the subscription but will not do so without informing Members prior to any changes.

Subscription fees include delivery and return postage for every two months.

Code of Conduct

The Member agrees to:

  • treat the LEGO® sets with care and respect as if they were their own sets
  • return the sets clean, undamaged and complete, with no pieces missing
  • dismantle the sets into individual LEGO® pieces and repackage them in the original box before returning them
  • notify CreativeBuild of any damaged or missing pieces as soon as possible via email.

Lost and Damaged Pieces

If a Member loses or damages more than 3 small LEGO® pieces per set, they will be charged for the cost of replacing those parts. Loss or damage to any LEGO® creature or animal or part thereof will be charged to the Member at replacement cost, plus postage and packing, regardless of whether other pieces have been lost. If more than 5% of the total number of pieces of a LEGO® set are lost or damaged, the Member will be charged for the replacement cost of the whole set. In these circumstances ownership of the incomplete set transfers from CreativeBuild to the Member and will be sent to the Member subject to them paying for the replacement set and the cost of postage and packing to receive the incomplete set.

In the unlikely event that a Member loses a LEGO® piece which is irreplaceable and therefore renders the set unavailable for renting to other Members, CreativeBuild reserves the right to return the set to the Member and charge the Member for the replacement cost of the whole set.

Loss or damage to any single LEGO® piece which costs more than AUD $1.00 to replace will be charged to the Member at replacement cost, plus post and packing, regardless of whether other pieces have been lost.

Loss or damage to any LEGO® Minifigure or part thereof will be charged to the Member at replacement cost, plus post and packing, regardless of whether other pieces have been lost.

CreativeBuild will not charge a Member for normal loss of or damage to LEGO® pieces. Normal loss or damage is defined as up to 3 small LEGO® pieces per set. This excludes LEGO® Minifigures, all LEGO® creatures and/or animals, and individual pieces of LEGO® which cost more than AUD $1.00 each to replace.

Big Sets

The additional fee is for one month’s rental of a Big Set. If a Member wishes to rent a Big Set for a longer period then an additional monthly rental fee is due. The rental period starts on the day of dispatch and ends one calendar month later. The Big Set must be received by CreativeBuild before the end of the rental period unless the Member has paid for a further month’s rental. CreativeBuild reserves the right not to offer a Big Set to a Member who does not abide by the Code of Conduct set out in “Code of Conduct” section above.

CreativeBuild will charge the Member for lost and damaged pieces according to “Lost and Damaged Pieces” section above.

CreativeBuild offers existing Members the opportunity to rent Big Sets for an additional one-off upgrade fee, subject to availability, provided the Member has been a Member of CreativeBuild for more than 2 months.

Services and Limitations

CreativeBuild will endeavour to send to a Member LEGO® sets selected by the Member on the Member’s Wishlist. The Member will endeavour to ensure that their Wishlist contains a minimum of 20 selected LEGO® sets at any given time. In the event that a Member’s Wishlist has fewer than 20 selected LEGO® sets, or in the event that LEGO® sets selected on a Wishlist are not available, CreativeBuild will endevour to send the Member an alternative LEGO® set. CreativeBuild shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, arising from the use of the service.

CreativeBuild reserves the right to refuse the service to anyone at any time and for any reason at our sole discretion. CreativeBuild is not obliged to explain the reason for refusing the service.

CreativeBuild does not guarantee the availability of particular LEGO® sets.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If a member wishes to cancel their subscription, Membership of CreativeBuild will cease only when all outstanding sets have been returned to CreativeBuild and confirmed as complete and undamaged, this is defined as the “Cancellation Date”.

Membership of CreativeBuild is deemed to continue until the “Cancellation Date” and therefore subscription fees are due until the “Cancellation Date”. CreativeBuild reserves the right to cancel a Member’s account at any time but will inform the Member when doing so.

CreativeBuild reserves the right to charge the Member for lost or damaged LEGO® pieces or sets that are not returned, as outlined in “Lost and Damaged Pieces” section above.

CreativeBuild do not issue refunds.

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