Build Instructions​

Before each new set arrives we’ll send you an email with a link to where you can find the build instructions.

Enter the LEGO® set number which you’ll find on the lid of the box.

Some sets have more than one instruction book, and some sets have different versions of the instructions, depending on whether you want to print them out, or what device you want to view them on.

​What if I lost a few pieces?

We understand that small bricks get lost sometimes, so we won’t charge you if you lose a few*. If a set arrives with you and has a part missing, or if you lose a part while you’re building, let us know by email and we’ll send the replacement parts right away.

You can check the parts list by going to the last page of the build instructions, or go to, enter the set number and then go to “parts” for a full inventory.

* See Terms and Conditions​.

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