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#1 Australia LEGO® Rental Service

Our members love Creative Build with LEGO sets!

Rent LEGO Sets …  it costs less so you can build more … save $ save space… Genius!


Being a member of the club will be like running around the LEGO® store and grabbing anything you want! We are here to provide LEGO® fans an alternative way to play. We aim to boost creativity through edutainment with LEGO building. 

For just a fraction of the cost of buying, you will start to  build different LEGO® sets regularly.

By renting, you also do not need to worry about finding space to store your completed creations anymore. A good way to share with friends and family is to take some photos after you finish your build. Then, simply return the sets back to us in exchange for new sets.

To join the club, please click on the “Sign Up” button below, then choose the plan that best fits your building needs. The monthly subscription fee starts at only $37. You can choose to rent 1 set at a time per month, 2 sets at a time per 2 months, or 2 sets at a time per month. All plans include free delivery and returns. If you prefer to rent more sets at a time, we’d love to hear from you – please contact us.

Once subscribed, you can add all the sets that you wanna build into your wishlist. Then we will start sending the set(s) from your wishlist to you.

When you finish building the sets, you can contact us to organise the pick up from your door to return them back. As soon as your sets reach us, we will dispatch your next sets, provided that a month or two months (according to your plan) has passed since your previous sets were dispatched. 

If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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