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Rent LEGO sets... it’s like running around the LEGO store and grabbing anything you want!

How does CreativeBuild work?

It is as simple as 3 steps to rent LEGO sets

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Join with the plan that best fits your build needs

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Create the queue of sets you want to build

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Get set(s), build and enjoy! Return once you finish

Our Lego Sets

Rent LEGO - It's like the gift that keeps on giving and provides a regular challenge to engage your minds.

Rent LEGO Sets? Genius!

Build any set, anytime. Save money, save space.

What our Members Say?

Rent LEGO sets - It really is a fantastic idea, I agree ...
It really is a fantastic idea – I agree and already we’ve convinced several friends to join! I think if I want to spend money on anything for my kids, it’s something like this that is the gift that keeps on giving and provides a regular challenge to engage their minds. An added bonus is that it solves the organization issue!
Anna - CreativeBuild - Rent Lego
Anna L.
Mum of 8 years and 4 years old
I really have nothing negative to say about this. My granddaughter is motivated, she keeps her Wishlist up to date, she’s learning to be responsible for something that belongs to someone else and stay organised. She’s having so much fun and I really do think it’s been “the best Easter's present ever”!
Dianne - CreativeBuild - Rent Lego
Dianne W.
Grandma of 6 years old
We’ve joined and had our account for 3 weeks now and have received and built 2 sets. It was so exciting for him to receive his box in the mail and get started on a weekend project. When my son was done with the first set he took all the pieces apart and filled the box, inserted the instructions, and return as instructed. Waiting for next sets!
Thomas - CreativeBuild - Rent Lego
Thomas R.
Dad of 12 years old